d•j•dy•nas•ty (d•j•di•nas•t) n (1996) 1 : a real-time look into the life of a gay man 2 : an undramatized diary for public viewing esp. via the internet

‘Bout Life and Love as old Friends do. —

Picture it, Chicago 2004 in a bar called Roscoes, a cabaret diva by the name of Amy Armstrong accompanied by Freddy Allen is on stage playing the piano. The bar air is thick with smoke, and all my friends are there to meet me. The week prior I just had to admit my mom into the hospital where she was with ICU at that time and the outlook didn’t look good. Walking into the bar that evening I got a phone call from someone telling me that they wouldn’t be able to come help me sort the baggage out because they had their own baggage, just finding out that they had HIV.



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