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Everyone needs some time on their own —

They say you can’t go home, but I myself and several of my friends have returned home after traveling the country, and the world in search of fame, fortune, knowledge and love.

I was lucky that I never had to leave my hometown to find love. So when I went to venture out into the world, I already had a traveling companion.The journey becomes a lot more amazing when you have someone there by your side from your same background to point out some of the things you tend to miss as well. It becomes a situation of two bodies sharing one soul.

I’m not going to even begin to sugar coat it that we’re like peas and carrots, or the perfect relationship. In fact most days Fire Crotch tends to make me explode like a can of Aqua Net. That’s after I’ve had my coffee and become nice to the human race which most days doesn’t happen quick enough as I’m normally woken by a phone call each morning, which thankfully isn’t from him.

But after 15 years both of us are starting to regret this long journey we’ve taken together. While good times do happen, they don’t tend to happen often enough or last long enough. My life in the past 9 years has been filled with nothing but headache, heart ache, and medical miracles dealing with my family. This has caused a lot of tension for both of us, as I’m fed up with dealing with said family member, but he isn’t, he’s fed up with me refusing to deal with said family member whom I want to put in a nursing home and change my number.

The best way for people to understand, is to know that my house is divided. I rule everything that occurs on the far North side of the house, the other family member rules what happens on the south side of the house. The problem is the only entrances are on the South side of the house. Every day coming or going into the house, I hear the “Where you going, what are you doing, when will you be back?” questions that drive me, someone with very severe ADHD very crazy! I’ve asked this person to stop, pointing out my partner never get’s the same questions, and also pointed out just how much I hate dealing with this crap. Now these are the questions to leave the house, when I come home I normally get bitched at for trying to leave quickly.

Luckily for me one of my best friends has decided to move back to Chicago, So in mid May of 2013 I will be living most of my life in Chicago with said room mate who is a fitness junkie who has swore to make me thin and sexy with a beach body. I have decided to record all the struggles on a day to day basis starting June 1st 2013 and running until the lease ends on May 31st 2014.

Most of all, I finally will have some time alone.


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