d•j•dy•nas•ty (d•j•di•nas•t) n (1996) 1 : a real-time look into the life of a gay man 2 : an undramatized diary for public viewing esp. via the internet

St. James Pl. Not just a square in Monopoly —

Gay men are blessed to have their chosen family, and their blood family. My chosen family lived in apartment 814 West across the street from the best gay bar in Chicago, and next door to the drag queen stock up shop. The first time I ever walked into this apartment, I was being yelled at to hold the door open by a drag queen named Evian Waters in a fish net body suit, and something she stole from Cher’s closet from If I could turn back time. I didn’t know what lay before me in the next best three years of my life. While most of us still talk, All of us have not been in the same room since the passing of one of the members of the “Family.” If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t change a thing except to have written down more jokes!

Every circle of friends in every generation finds that one show that they each idenfity with. My generation, and this circle of friends were a living, breathing Will and Grace. Within the apartment of 814 West, lived Will, and Grace. Grace wanted to sleep with Will so badly, but Will was to busy chasing the boys around the neigborhood that just graduated from school,high school.  Grace on the other hand just kept hoping for bigger breasts and she got them when she used extra rice or bird seed.

Jack, or as he was actually called Hungry, Hungry, Negro. (If you’re reading my blog, you take dick, so you can take a joke) This man would ring your door bell the moment that you pulled something out of the oven. Even at 3:00AM and you wanted garlic bread after a night of drinking! He was always trying to reinvent himself, and would complain “Why does everyone think I’m a bottom” to which the reply (which is still the same 10 years later) is that you move like a bottom, and tops don’t dance like that. I myself was Karen Walker, rarely ever sober, and thanks to good investing and a recent divorce in which I got everything, I was very comfortable, and as such, “Jack” would always ask me to buy him drinks. I thought that was pretty useless considering I wasn’t going to be getting to bang him anytime soon, but I digress.

Just like Karen is lost without Rosario, we all have been lost since the person who held us all together was taken from us much to soon. His name was Joe, and not only did he have the comedic glue to make all of us go from tears of pain to tears of laughter, he had the voice, of an angel! He helped all of us grow in ways we never could have and none of us got a chance to ever really thank him for it. He had a heart of gold and a tongue like a ninja samari sword.

No cast of Will and Grace was ever complete without Beverily Leslie. The person whom I’m basing this off of may disagree and feel that he should have been cast as Grace, or Karen, but he’s half the man the rest of us were. He was alwasy convinved he would steal the spotlight away, but looking back, he was one of the passing charcters (and quite the charcter he was) who would come and go, and for the last 4 years, he’s just gone. He’s getting his life back together, Which I’m thankful for because I do care about him a lot, but while he has the need to be the star of the one man show, the rest of us would rather be a co-operative supporting cast for ourselves.

We had the rest of the supporting cast also, the bothers, the mothers, the neighbors etc. During that time period we used to always say our life was Steel Magnolias. I used to disagree, mostly because the person who kept insisting they were Shelby I didn’t agree with. Looking back, I think Joe should have been Shelby, he held everything together and told you not to panic, just brush it out like a brown foot ball helment and it’ll look fine.  Like the real family that Steel Magnolias is based on, I want to be able to know that when the filming is done of the movie of our lives, the actor playing Joe will still get right up out of bed and walk away. Joey, This song was sang for the 5 year anniversay of your passing. I apologize the camera work isn’t that good, it was my first time really using video on my brand new iPhone 5 the day before.

They say no matter is ever lost, it just transfers. After Joey’s passing I gained his comedic timing, his ability to cook really good food, his ability to be a human, and learn to have feelings..and his hips.


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