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Inspire your inner organizational skills —

Sometimes inspiration comes from the weirdest places. With the Trevor project it was inspired to prevent teen suicides of teens dealing with bullying. I know that bullying can affect someone long after those hurtful words are said, long after the person who said them is dead and gone.

I personally struggle with words said to me by my father over 20 years ago. In many ways I’m exactly like him and in other distinct ways I’ve made the conscious choice to do the exact opposite of what he would do. As a result I’m a perfectionist who dreams big, plans big, sets up big fail safe plans. And uses someone else’s hard work ethic for physical labor to implement it.

I am very thankful my husband has my fathers work ethic for hard labor because I prefer to work hard with my mind than my body. I’ve become out of shape and disabled due to nurturing those strengths and ignoring my weakness. You give me something technical or logical to figure out and I’m usually the first with a working plan for a solution, and in the case of working on computers by hand I normally fix it myself. I’ve done my own patch panels, crawled around on floors and built RJ-45 jacks, designed large networks from the ground up with no documentation or notes except in my own head. I’m learning now as I return to school I practiced no separation of duties nor have I ever properly documented anything for the IT staff to come behind me.

I look to change that professionally should I ever return to the workforce in the same administrative level I once had. I’ve found Microsoft OneNote and oneDrive to be amazing in allowing me to have notebooks synced on the cloud. Detailed notes on everything I handle and cover. From household expenses, repairs of the car, parts purchased etc I now document everything. It only took 4 years of practice, a lot of passion and an amazing product!

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