d•j•dy•nas•ty (d•j•di•nas•t) n (1996) 1 : a real-time look into the life of a gay man 2 : an undramatized diary for public viewing esp. via the internet

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Inspire your inner organizational skills —

Sometimes inspiration comes from the weirdest places. With the Trevor project it was inspired to prevent teen suicides of teens dealing with bullying. I know that bullying can affect someone long after those hurtful words are said, long after the person who said them is dead and gone. I personally struggle with words said to […]

A late update —

So here I am August 10th, Sitting at Union Station in Chicago getting ready to depart for Washington DC for 10 days. I’m very excited for my vacation. I was dropped off 6 hours early by my very eager to get rid of me husband. I’m not happy about that as he doesn’t seem to […]

Saying Googbye to the Ghosts —

This is the beginning of the path of walking across the path of broken glass. So many things in our past define who we are as people. Some of us choose to block things out as if they never happened, but the only way to ever truly move forward, is to face those ghosts. I […]

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